Gmail is one of the easiest ways of communicating and data sending. It serves various purposes depending on each person. People prefer Gmail for both professional and personal uses.

Depending on their needs, people may have one or multiple Google Accounts. However, you can’t just have so many accounts. You may want to reconsider the maintenance of so many accounts before creating them.

This article will give you a deeper insight into Gmail accounts’ maintenance and the number of Accounts one should have.

Google Accounts Can You Have?

The straightforward answer is there is no limit on the number of accounts you can have. With that being said, you should open an account only if you need it. Some businessmen even have different email accounts for different businesses. There are a couple of other points that you might want to bear in mind:

  • You can’t have more than four accounts using the same phone number.
  • Keep your passwords safe. Don’t mix up the passwords.
  • Plan accordingly, for example, maintenance, amount of data, etc.
  • Don’t misuse the chance of having multiple accounts.

How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts?

Management skills become handy in all cases, even in Google Accounts also. The fact of having a Google Account is the same as the fact of having multiple laptops. If you have many laptops, you will struggle to operate those equally. If you don’t plan accordingly, you may mess up your work. One of the laptops may malfunction because of your carelessness due to having many laptops. The Google Accounts also need management.

  • You can use different tools (Checker Plus for Gmail, MailPlan for Mac, Gmail Label, and Email Sharing) of Google to do so.
  • You can also create Chrome Profiles. It is the most helpful method if you use your family PC. You, your kids, your spouse – everyone can have their own history, extensions, and bookmarks in this way.
  • Use Shift when you need. You can handle multiple Gmail accounts without even opening the browser by using Shift. However, you have to buy it before using it.
  • Most people solve the problems of managing several accounts by using Google’s Built-In Account Switcher. That is the best idea to do if you want to view all of your accounts in one browser.

What Happens If Gmail Username Not Allowed?

You might have tried to create a Gmail Account and found this message on your screen in bold red “Username Not Allowed.” Don’t worry. We are here for solutions. Even if you never saw that message, you should know these tips to avoid that message in the future.

  • Choose a username between 6–30 characters. Your username can be any combination of alphabets, symbols, or numbers.
  • Usernames can harbor numbers (0-9), periods (.), and letters (a-z).
  • Usernames cannot contain an equals sign (=), ampersand (&), underscore (_), dash (-), apostrophe (‘), plus sign (+), brackets (<,>), or comma (,). In addition, it can contain only one period in a row.
  • Usernames can commence or end with non-alphanumeric characters except periods (.). Other than this rule, periods (dots) don’t impact the Gmail Addresses.

If you stick to the above rules, you will not get the “Username Not Allowed Message Again.”

What Happens If I See “Can’t Create a Google Account Right Now” Notice?

This message appears to be a semi-cryptic error which may have no explanation. The first potential reason is an issue with your network connection. You should check your network access type by going to the network settings option of your device.

You can also wait for a couple of minutes, refresh the page, and use a different device or phone number (if possible) if you see the above message. If you’re using a public computer, try using a private one (that preferably you own). The client/server cookies are often treated differently based upon presumed shared device access.

Should I use Auto Gmail Account Creator?

There is a bot whose function is to create Gmail Accounts Automatically. Unfortunately, all those bulk Gmail Creator software rarely has any good purposes. However, you may need this for specific reasons. If you do need it, PVA is the one recommended.

What is Google Account Device Limit?

A user can have up to 10 accounts associated with a single Google Account. In addition, there are ways to get an alert or notification when new device logs into your Google Account.

Google takes this measure because of safety purposes. In this way, no intruders can access your Account. Additionally, you can have a maximum of four Gmail accounts from one device.

How to Use One Google Account in Multiple Devices?

It is definitely possible to use one Google Account on many of your devices. The good news is many people do this to keep their data arranged by limiting the number of accounts to one.

As mentioned before, you can sign into one Gmail Account on each of your devices the same way you log in to one particular device.

If you have a two-step verification set up, you may need to verify the code sent to your phone each time. If it feels hectic to you, you can simply change the settings of your Gmail privacy.

How to Check the No. of Devices are Connected to My Google Account?

You can check both the no. of devices currently connected to your Gmail account and the no. of devices signed out recently. This feature is available for you so that your Account can be extra secure. For example, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find Google Account
  2. Select Security
  3. Find your devices panel and select manage security
  4. You will see the devices then.

Conclusion: Having Multiple Google Accounts

Now, you have the required information regarding the number of Gmail accounts. Think for a moment before opening an account, “Do I really need this?” If you think you do need it, there is no loss to create a new account. The choice is yours.

FAQ: How Many Google Accounts Can You Have

Can you have more than one Google Account?

You are allowed to have as many Google accounts as you want.

How do I create multiple Gmail Accounts?

By using the feature “Add Account,” you can create multiple Gmail Accounts.

Can I create multiple Gmail accounts with one phone number?

You are allowed to create only four Gmail Accounts with one phone number.

Are Google Account and Gmail Account the same?

No. All Gmail Accounts are Google Accounts, but not all Google Accounts are Gmail Accounts.

How can I buy a verified Google Account?

You can buy a verified Google Account by deciding which type of Gmail Account you want to buy.


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