It is common knowledge that Gmail and Yahoo Mail are two of the oldest mailing portals on the internet. So naturally, the Yahoo Mail vs Gmail discourse is unavoidable and is debated over quite a lot. If you can understand which one is better after studying Gmail vs yahoo, it will be huge benefit for you as a user.

In this era of the digital world, it is mandatory to have an email for both personal and professional purposes. Especially in the corporate world, most of the businesses and interactions are held via emails nowadays.

In this piece, we will dive into and understand some of the critical differences between Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail vs Gmail: Which is Better?

The age-old debate between Yahoo Mail and Gmail, and which is better between the two, is still a heated topic of discussion.

We discussed below some of the most common differences between the two mailing portals.

Differences: Yahoo Mail vs Gmail

Here are some prominent differences between Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

Page Speed

Gmail, without a doubt, has a better page speed than Yahoo Mail. However, in Yahoo Mail, you will have to open up a new tab when you open your emails or if you need to add attachments. This can be time-consuming.

On the other hand, Gmail is a single-page interface, i.e. you can access whatever you need within a shorter time and steer between sections easily.

Design and User Interface

At first glance, it is evident that Yahoo Mail’s design is simple with a clean user interface. However, Gmail actually has a more straightforward design than Yahoo Mail with more features, because of which some people might find the layout more disorderly than Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail’s features are pretty limited, but they are ad-free. Some of the features that Gmail is preferred for include filters, advanced search, money transfer, priority inbox, keyboard shortcuts etc.

Spam Handling

Gmail is quite an expert when it comes to spam handling. For example, if you label an email as spam, any other similar incoming emails will be automatically transferred to the spam folder. Whereas, if you use Yahoo Mail, you will need to remove and move spam mails manually. This is because, unlike Gmail, Yahoo mail has a more challenging time figuring out which of the incoming emails might be spam.


Yahoo Mail also has a larger storage capacity at 1TB, while Gmail’s storage capacity is only 15 GB.


If you are a Yahoo Mail consumer, you can send attachments up to the size of 25 MB. You can actually send files up to 2 GB if you pay for Yahoo plus. On the other hand, you can also send attachments up to 25 MB but can send files with the size of up to 10 GB from Google Drive.


Gmail is known to have more reliable security measures than Yahoo Mail. Therefore, to make users accounts more secure, Gmail will make it obligated for you to have stronger and safer passwords with a two-step authentication method.

According to research, in 2016, a group of hackers tried to hack into many Gmail accounts and managed to hack only half of them. On the other hand, they succeeded in hacking all three billion Yahoo accounts.

Thus, if you are wondering about Yahoo Mail vs Gmail privacy, you know Gmail guarantees more privacy.


You will find ads on Yahoo Mail on the right side on a vertical banner. Most of the ads consist of images, while sponsored ads are available on the left side. However, you can use Yahoo Mail ads-free if you pay for their ad-free services at $49.99 annually.

On the other hand, Gmail has ads in the form of text for both sponsored and unsponsored. You will find these ads on top in a single.


The organization features for both Gmail and Yahoo Mail are similar. Your emails will be sorted out in your inbox in quite a systematized manner. You can have different folders for different types of emails in Yahoo mail but will have to sort it out manually.

While if you use Gmail, your emails will be sorted out automatically by labels instead of folders.


It is widely believed and accepted that Gmail is far more professional than Yahoo Mail. This is because Gmail has a professional theme and many business features, which are beneficial in the corporate world.

FAQ: Gmail vs Yahoo Mail

Here are some of the most regularly asked Gmail vs Yahoo Mail questions that may clear some of your inquiries.

Question - 01: Which One is Better, Gmail or Yahoo Mail?

Answer: Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail have their own set of pros and cons. Based on those, some of you might find Gmail better than Yahoo Mail and vice-versa. You can use the mailing portal that will be best for you.

Question - 02: Should I switch from Yahoo to Gmail?

Answer: If Gmail’s features and functions are more beneficial for you, then you can switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

Question - 03: Is Gmail more professional than Yahoo?

Answer: People have reported that Gmail has more of a professional vibe compared to Yahoo Mail.

Question - 04: Should I Delete an Old Yahoo Email Account?

Answer: If you do not use the account any longer, then it is better if you delete the old Yahoo email account.

Question - 05: Why is Yahoo better than Google?

Answer: Yahoo has some advantages that Google do not, and some of you might find that Yahoo is better than Gmail. A clean user interface and better storage are some of the advantages of using Yahoo Mail.

Question - 06: Why Should I Buy Gmail Accounts Over Yahoo Mail?

Answer: If you are looking for more secure accounts with extensive features, then you can go ahead and invest in Gmail accounts.

Final Thoughts

The discussion of Yahoo Mail vs Gmail will always be an ongoing conversation as they both are regularly updated with new features and functions. In addition, both the mailing portals are reliable and have their own sets of advantages.

You can decide which one of the two is more compatible and beneficial for your needs. However, we advise you to try out both for some time and decide to invest in the mailing portal that worked out the best for you.

Whenever you find yourself in the debate about Yahoo Mail vs Gmail, you cannot claim that one is better than the other. They both are comparatively strong sites and excellent in many ways. Thus, the decision of which one is better should be relatively subjective. However, if you read our article Gmail vs yahoo carefully, you will find everything you need to decide.

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