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Many people think that Google Cloud and Google Drive are the same platforms. Do you also mix up these two? Well, this comparative discussion on Google Cloud Storage Vs Google Drive will remove all your confusion today. I will tell you how exactly they are dissimilar from each other in detail.

Difference Between Google Cloud Storage vs Google Drive

After going through this write-up, you can be sure which one to utilize according to your needs. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the discussion.

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At the very beginning, let me tell you the definition of these two platforms.

What is Google Cloud Storage?

Google Cloud Storage is basically an IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service. It’s a durable storage service that allows storing and retrieving any amount of data whenever you want. It can handle bigger data like server backups and hosting.

The platform provides very strong security using the OAuth protocol, advanced service tiers, support for REST API commands, app integration, and access to data snapshots. Most of the developers prefer Google Cloud because of these benefits.

Moreover, Google Cloud also lets you resume unfinished uploads. So, while uploading data, if it’s stopped due to a weak network or other problems, you can re-upload it again. This is indeed a big advantage when working with huge data.

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Since Google Cloud is not a free platform, you have to pay to use it. The tool offers four different storage packages. They are- Multi-Regional Storage Class, Regional Storage Class, Nearline Storage Class, and Coldline Storage Class.

One of the remarkable facts of Google Cloud is you don’t have to pay anything extra. You will charge for only what you use. Therefore, you can scale up or scale down the cost anytime effortlessly.

Features of Google Cloud

Google Cloud contains the following features

  • Google Developers Console Projects
  • High Capacity and scalability
  • Data consistency

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file storage platform that is widely used all over the world. Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slide are the three popular tools to handle word files, PowerPoint presentations, excel sheets, and others.

The platform allows file sharing as well as collaborative editing. It also provides 15 GB of free space to store and access all your important files.

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Still, if you need more storage than that, you can choose one of their plans. Google offers 100 GB, 200  GB, 2 TB, 10 TB, 20 TB, 30 TB storage for additional charges.

Unlike Google Cloud, Drive works as a SaaS – Software as a Service. Backup your document here helps you free up your device’s space and store the data safely. You don’t have to worry about losing them.

Features of Google Drive

The features of Google Drive are as follows.

  • It supports to create and collaboration
  • Allows sharing files with others
  • Powerful search option

Google Cloud Storage vs Google Drive: Comparison Table

In this segment, I will show you a comparative table of Google Drive vs. Google Cloud Storage. This will help you to get a clear picture of both of them.

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So, let’s have a look.

Comparison Parameter

Google Cloud

Google Drive

Launching Date

Google Cloud started its journey on 19 May 2010.Google Drive was launched on 24 April 2012.


Google Cloud is an online storage solution that stores unlimited data in the cloud using its own infrastructure.Google Drive is almost a free cloud storage option that is mainly used for personal use.


It has very tight security because of the Granular IAM permission.It is protected by the password of the Google Account.

User Interactions

Users can secure the deleted or overwritten files since it supports versioning.On this platform, you can share your files as well as edit them with others.

Data Synchronization

It needs 3rd party for synchronizationIt can sync data automatically

Storage Location

Backup and data storage location can be specified.The data storage location cannot be fixed.

Storage Formats

Google Cloud can save big data, small data, text, binary, or any other data type.Google Drive is used for storing photos, videos, documents, presentations, etc.


The pricing of Google Cloud varies from four different storage options.15 GB of storage is free for every Gmail account. But you can buy storage with extra charges.

Ideal For

The platform is ideal for developers. It is also suitable for enterprise-level work.Google Drive is perfect for backing up personal files.

By this time, you definitely get the differences between these two Google tools. But before concluding the topic, let me state them clearly.

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  • Google Cloud is IaaS, and Google Drive is SaaS
  • Google Drive offers a satisfactory amount of free storage, while Google Cloud doesn’t offer anything
  • You have to pay a fixed amount for Google Drive even if you don’t use the whole space, but in Google Cloud, you have to pay only for what you use.
  • Google Cloud is suitable for enterprise use, but Google Drive is preferable for personal file backup

I hope you don’t have any more questions left regarding this topic. So, let’s conclude here.

FAQ: Google Cloud Storage vs Google Drive

Before subscribing to any of these products, you must know the differences. The reason is that, if you need one and buy the other one, it may cost you more or you may not get what you want. This is not only for it but also for everything when it comes to buying something. We have received many queries related to the topic, and we have put them together here. Without further due, let’s check those questions and answers first.

Is Google Drive the Same As Google Cloud?

No, Google Drive and Google Cloud are not the same. In short, Google Drive is for general users as their personal cloud storage service. Meanwhile, Google Cloud is an IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service platform for handling big data with ultimate convenience and security.

Is Google Drive a Cloud Service?

Yes, Google Drive is a Cloud Service. The cloud-based storage will let you upload and access your file from anywhere with any device. You can also edit or share the files with others easily.

Which is Better Google Drive or Google Cloud?

It actually depends on your requirements. For saving personal files, Google Drive is better. It also provides 15 GB of free storage, which is enough to keep a decent number of files. But if you need to maintain a huge amount of data and strong security, Google Cloud storage will be the wiser choice.

Is Google Cloud Storage Cheaper Than Google Drive?

Although Google Drive seems to be much cheaper than Google Cloud Storage, the pricing formula in Google Cloud is a little different. In Google Drive, if a user does not use 100% of the storage they pay for, it technically means a waste of money. Meanwhile, the price of Google Cloud depends on the space you have used.

Is Google Photos a Cloud Storage?

Yes, Google Photos is a cloud-based storage service. It can back up all your photos, screenshots, and videos that are taken by your device. You can use this tool to free up the space of your phone and save your memories for forever.

Final Words

After seeing the Cloud Storage Vs Google Drive debate, now you know the differences between these two Google platforms. They both have a different level of storage, and pricing and they are best at their own job. So, depending on your use, you have to choose one.

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